2019 MSPF 



   Shin Noguchi

Shin Noguchi, born 1976, is an award winning street photographer based in Kamakura and Tokyo, Japan. He describes his street photography as an attempt to capture extraordinary moments of excitement, humanism and beauty among the flow of everyday life.


With his discreet, poetic and enigmatic approach to his art, Shin is able to capture the subtleties and complexities of Japanese culture without relying on staged, no-finder or hip shot photography. He has been featured on The Leica Camera Blog six times, in Courrier Inte'l, Internazionale, Libération, The Independent, etc, and some assignment work has been also published in Die Zeit, Libération, etc., and his new book will be published this year in Italy.

INSTAGRAM @shinnoguchiphotos

Guille Ibañez

Born in Madrid, Spain but drawn to Manchester, UK, where he has lived for over 18 years, Guille Ibañez is a photographer whose work focuses on culture, tradition and human interaction. He was originally trained as a cinematographer and he still combines professional film and video work with his photography. The tension between the moving and the still image goes to the heart of Guille's work, and his pictures are often referred to as being like ‘frames from a film’.

Guille has a strong interest in documentary and street photography and he is a member of international photography collective OBSERVE. Guille develops long term projects mostly in the UK and his home country of Spain, but he has also worked in South East Asia or Africa. Religion and human faith play a major part in his work which has been exhibited and awarded in many festivals around Europe and America.

Last year saw the first solo international exhibition of his project ‘Tierra Santa’ in the UK, a project recently exhibited at HeadOn Photography Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Website: guilleibanez.com

IG: @guilleibanez_photo


Troy Holden

Born in Michigan and raised in San Francisco. I started taking pictures seriously in 2014.

Most of his free time is spent walking through downtown San Francisco. "I don’t go out looking for a certain type of photo, but am drawn towards odd moments and interesting interactions".

Instagram: instagram.com/troyholden

Troy's  local photo club it's "San Francisco City Photography Club" instagram.com/sfcpc 


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