Street Photography

Festival 2016




December 1- 4, 2016

 MSPF 2016 Featured Artists​


Martin Parr is one of the best-known documentary photographers of his generation.

With over 90 books of his own published, and another 30 edited by Parr, his

photographic legacy is already established. Parr has been a member of the Magnum agency since 1994 and is currently the President.



Kalvar’s photographs are marked by a strong homogeneity of aesthetic and theme. His images frequently play on a discrepancy between the banality of a real situation and a feeling of of strangeness that emerges from a particular choice of timing and framing. The result is a state of tension between two levels of interpretation, attenuated by a touch of humor.

Jill Freedman is a highly respected documentary photographer whose award-winning work is included in the permanent collections of The Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Bibliothhque Nationale. She lives in New York, New York.  She has published books on a myriad of subjects including Street Cops, Jill's Dogs, Ireland, NYC Firemen and Circus among others.




In 1974 Alex  began working as a professional photojournalist and he joined Magnum Photos as an associate member in 1976. During the mid-1970s Webb photographed in the American south, documenting small-town life in black and white.


Maggie Steber is a documentary photographer whose work focuses on humanistic issues and kinship and the challenges of everyday life. She has photographed in 64 countries. In 2013 Steber was named as one of eleven Women of Vision by National Geographic Magazine, publishing a book and touring an exhibition in five cities.



Originally a poet, Rebecca Norris Webb has published three photography books that explore the complicated relationship between people and the natural world: The Glass Between Us, Violet Isle: A Duet of Photographs from Cuba (with Alex Webb) and her new book, My Dakota (Radius, 2012)



"I am not sure which came first, being nosey or an interest in ‘street photography’, but a fascination with people and the way they live their lives is why I enjoy the business so much."



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