MSPF 1- Day Workshops


We are proud to announce two 1-day workshops in collaboration with Image Pro International/MPC.  You can register for one or for both at a great discount.
In collaboration with Image Pro International/MPC
with Joseph Michael Lopez
When you feel something and see something, how do you frame it? How do you make a visceral experience visual? This six hour intensive workshop will focus on composition, the musicality of moments and learning to see light. We will explore how to make your own meaning clear, how to be at ease in your surroundings and how to be comfortable in your “photographic” skin. We will also examine body language as a form of communication that affects your practice and allows you to improvise, and we will discuss how cinema can inspire photography. Joseph Michael Lopez will be your guide in helping you find your voice in this expressive street photography workshop.
Location: HistoryMiami Museum, North building
Date:  Saturday, Dec. 9, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Fee:  $125
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with Tony Chirinos
This street Portrait Photography with Flash Tutorial will give you the creative freedom to learn in a fast paced, ever changing environment, where there are no wrong decisions and the aim is to help students look at the world in a different way. Using flash in daylight creates a unique image by illuminating the subject as in a studio.
We start with a brief overview of the master photographers who’ve created the classic foundation of street portraiture with flash on which contemporary photographers continue to build. Using these masters as inspiration, we engage in daily assignments to make portraits with flash in both formal and candid.  We teach all our courses in small groups to give students the maximum individual attention possible to help them develop their photography skills.
The aim of this workshop is using flash outdoors in daylight in combination with proper selection of shutter speed and aperture. Also, selecting the proper location for shooting, proper selection of lens, composition and structure of the image and any technical aspects that can help the students advanced to a higher level. Photographing people in public can be challenging both in the legal and moral aspects in a real-world situation.
Location: HistoryMiami Museum, North building
Date:  Sunday, Dec. 10, 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Fee:  $125
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