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 MSPF 2022
Singles Contest

 All entries submitted for the contest will be juried in the first round by a panel of internationally accomplished members of the street photography community in a blind voting process.


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Michael McCoy

Michael A. McCoy is a Washington, D.C. based 2021 Pulitzer Prize-nominated photojournalist, Fujifilm X-Photographer, and two-time combat veteran. His coverage includes the confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court, the Black Lives Matter movement, protests surrounding the Freddie Gray case, the Mueller hearing, the Trump impeachment inquiry, and the funeral of Representative Elijah Cummings. His photography has been described as engaging, affectionate, insightful, and alluring. He loves telling the story about the relationships between individuals; capturing those special moments of joy and contentment. Whether it’s a family portrait, a wedding, or a special event, he likes to capture the “in-between” moments that are the most candid and authentic.

Instagram:     michaelamccoyphotography                             Web:

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Lisa Bukreyeva

Lisa Bukreyeva is a documentary photographer based in Kyiv whose work explores Ukranian life and youth culture.

I was born in 1993 and am based in Kyiv, Ukraine, and I started photography in 2019. When I was a kid, I dreamt of a superpower, I wanted to be able to take a picture every time I blinked my eyes. That way, everything I was seeing at that moment would be in a picture. I never had this superpower, so I bought camera instead.

I mostly do street and documentary photography. Important to me to establish a connection between people and the environment in which we are. And if, in the end, a photo like this reflects the time which author lives, and the mood, then it’s especially valuable to me. The thing that inspires me in street photography, is that you never know what to expect. What people you meet and where you’ll be tonight. I think a good street photo is the one you want to consider it. Such a photograph often tells not only about the visible, but also about the author.

Member of Burn My Eye Collective

2021 ICP Concerned. Global Images for Global Crisis
2021 Ukraine XYZ

Group exhibitions:
2022 Nulid Gallery, Iceland
2022 PEP, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2020 ICP Concerned, New York, USA
2019 Kyiv Photo Fair, Ukraine

Instagram lisa_kalev.    Web:


Valerie Six

Born in the north of France where she grew up, Valérie now lives in the south of France.

In 2012, after working for many years as a consultant in connection with China, then with the creative industries, she bought her first camera: a revelation quickly leading her on the path of workshops with renowned photographers, then to training at the Gobelins school of images in Paris, then to street photography.

Since then, Valérie has never stopped walking the streets in search of the right light and setting to compose enigmatic, pictural, or emotional scenes.


Winner or finalist of numerous awards -among which WomenStreetPhotographers’ first artist residency and solo exhibition in NYC- her images have been exhibited around the world and published in numerous print and online magazines, or photo books.


In 2021, she joined Little box Collective, a collective of photographers from different regions of the globe that aim to expand the tradition of candid street photography while encouraging diverse styles and working methods, thus enlarging our understanding of the genre.



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Margarita Mavromichalis

Margarita Mavromichalis has spent her life living around the world.  She speaks five languages, studied translation and interpreting and photography at the ICP. She sees photography as her second language, as it is universal and conveys messages in the most powerful way.

Margarita's utmost priority is the human presence in her frames.  She therefore focuses on street photography and the elements that evoke emotions and surprise in our everyday life, and portraiture in intimate settings.  Being passionate about documenting current events that she feels strongly about, highlighting their social impact, she focused extensively on the refugee crisis in Lesvos from 2014 till 2018.

Her work has been displayed in exhibitions worldwide and a select number of images are part of the permanent collections of the Museum of the City of New Yor and the Brooklyn Historical Society. Margarita has won numerous awards and was nominated for the 2019 Prix Pictet Hope Award.

Instagram:      tita_mavro                     Web:

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Oscar Palomares

Oscar Palomares, was born in 1976 in Barcelona (Spain), although most of his life has resided in Badalona. He has a degree in Journalism from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona. He has published, among others, in El Periódico de Cataluña, Ling, Time Out, Barcelona Divina or La Vanguardia Magazine.


 In relation to his work as a photographer, he is especially interested in issues related to everyday life and has been part of the list of 21 finalists of the International Street Photography Awards. He was also one of the winners of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2012. 


 Last year, he was Guest Curator for the internationally recognized fine art photography Duncan Miller Gallery.

Web :

Flickr :


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