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   with Juan Jose Reyes  


September 14-19, 2024



Street photography workshop


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Juan Jose Reyes is the founder and Executive Director of the Miami Street Photography Festival,

the premier event in this genre. Juan has cultivated MSPF into a cornerstone of the photography world, providing unparalleled exposure for participating artists.


He also co-founded the festival’s European partner, Street Photo Milano, in Milan, Italy offering a combined international platform that provides participating photographers with true worldwide exposure of their work.


With over a decade of experience in organizing workshops, Juan has facilitated the growth of aspiring street photographers worldwide. His structured teaching method, rooted in the Five Levels of Street Photography and The Three Styles of SP, reflects his profound knowledge and dedication to the craft. Furthermore, through MSPF-Workshops, he collaborates with leading photographers and educators to offer immersive learning experiences. Juan has been organizing Day of the Dead workshops in San Miguel de Allende since 2018, leveraging his deep knowledge of the city to enrich the experiences of participants.

Juan's journey in photography traces back to his college years, evolving into a dedicated focus on street photography since 2008


. Guided by luminaries like Jay Maisel and Alex Webb, he honed his craft and cultivated a distinctive style. His insights and experiences are shared through his street photography blog and contributions to esteemed publications in the field.


As executive director of MSPF, Juan oversees the panel judging of the “MSPF Finalists”, the final cut from among thousands of images submitted each year to MSPF and widely recognized as the best of contemporary street photography. He also runs MSPF-Workshops, which offers street photography workshops around the world with the best street and documentary photographers and educators including Magnum photographers Bruce Gilden and Nikos Economopoulos.

His teaching method is based on the Five Levels of Street Photography And The Three Styles of Street Photography. This is a structured approach that he developed after ten years of learning from all the world-class speakers that have been featured at the Miami Street Photography Festival. He teaches classes online as well al workshops in Miami, FL.


In 2012 he started the Miami Street Photography Festival which has grown since then into a major international event held every December in Miami during Art Basel Miami, one of the leading art fairs in the world. MSPF is an international festival showcasing the best of contemporary street and documentary photography and has featured some of the best names in photography such as David Alan Harvey, Constantine Manos, Susan Meiselas, Bruce Gilden, Alex Webb, Martin Parr and many others. MSPF offers talks, lectures, portfolio reviews and exhibitions as well as contests that are open to anyone around the world.


In 2018, Juan expanded his vision by co-founding Street Photo Milano in Milan, Italy, fostering cultural exchange through cross-continental exhibitions. This initiative has garnered widespread acclaim, drawing thousands to galleries in two major cities each year.

Juan was born in Paraguay and moved to the United States over thirty years ago to practice medicine. He is a board-certified pediatrician and besides photography, he is very interested in yoga, meditation and integrative medicine. He currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Asuncion Paraguay

Check out his portfolio here:

INSTAGRAM @jjreyes_t



Join us for an unforgettable photography adventure in the picturesque town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, selected as " Best City in the World" by Travel and Leisure Magazine and named as one of the top destinations in the world. In 2008 San Miguel de Allende was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

 This workshop offers the perfect blend of instruction, exploration, and inspiration. Capture the vibrant colors, rich textures, and warm light of this colonial gem, steeped in history and culture. From the cobblestone streets to the bustling markets, and from the stunning architecture to the warm faces of the locals, you'll discover a photographer's paradise. Take your skills to the next level with expert guidance, hands-on shooting, and insightful feedback. Come away with unforgettable images and lifelong memories. Join us in San Miguel de Allende and discover the art of photography in a captivating setting!

: San Miguel de Allende is a photographer's dream, with its brightly colored buildings, doors, and window frames, creating a kaleidoscope of hues. The town's cobblestone streets, alleys, and stairways offer endless opportunities for capturing unique and intimate moments. From the intricate stone carvings to the colorful tile work, San Miguel de Allende is a feast for the eyes and camera lens. The town's high desert climate and colonial architecture create striking contrasts of light and shadow, making for dramatic and compelling images.

San Miguel de Allende is a city steeped in tradition and heritage, offering a glimpse into authentic Mexican life, from bustling markets to vibrant street art, and proud local faces. These elements combine to make San Miguel de Allende a photographer's paradise, where every corner, street, and moment offers a chance to capture something truly special. 

Food lovers will find a culinary paradise in San Miguel de Allende. The city's gastronomic offer is varied and first-class, ranging from traditional Mexican dishes to international cuisine. Exploring local markets, savoring street food or dining at upscale restaurants, the gastronomic adventure in San Miguel is endless.

In Mexico, September is considered the “mes de la patria” (the month of the nation) because it is when they celebrate one of the most important holidays in their calendar, Independence Day ( September 15th and 16th).  All throughout the country there are celebrations, but in San Miguel de Allende, the festivities are extra important because of the role that Ignacio Allende played in Mexico’s fight for independence from Spain. Parades, music, patriotic fervor, dancing in the streets, men falling from tall poles with ropes around their ankles, bulls, beauty queens, and fireworks.

Join street photographer and Director of the Miami Street Photography Festival Juan Jose Reyes, along with Leica Store Miami specialist Kirsten Vignes on this amazing photography experience. 


In this workshop, Juan will review basic and advanced concepts of street photography and how to create images that are interesting, and compelling.

Juan will teach a framework for shooting and editing street photography that was developed after ten years of working directly with world-class photographers who have been featured in the Miami Street Photography Festival and with whom he runs workshops around the world. Some of those photographers include Magnum photographers Alex Webb, Nikos Economopoulos, and Bruce Gilden. The workshop is designed to also help you identify photos with the potential to win photo contests based on Juan's experience overseeing the judging panel of the largest street photography contest in the world, The Miami Street  Photography Festival contest, widely recognized as the event that showcases the best of contemporary street photography.

Some of the topics we will cover:

The Three Styles of Street Photographers  

 The Five Levels of Street Photography  

 Basics of street photography, definition, and boundaries, equipment, etc

How to shoot people on the streets     

The one question to ask yourself every time you edit your photos    

What are Visual Push-Ups and why do you need them


Saturday 14th
6 PM We'll meet in the lobby of the CANTERA 1910 hotel for drinks and to get to know the group.

7 PM Group dinner at Antonia's to enjoy one of the best views of San Miguel at night

Sunday 15th

10 AM - 12 PM Classroom session: Street Photography talk " The   Five Levels and Three Styles of Street Photography" 

 Lunch Break: Optional noon lunch as a group
4 PM -6:30 PM Shooting
 session Juan and Kirsten or on your own: the Main Square ( El Jardin )  and at the Parroquia San Miguel Arcangel, a stunning neo-gothic church.

10 PM Meet at the Main Square for the Independence Day celebrations 


Monday 16th
10 AM - 12 PM   Critique  and feedback session with Juan

LUNCH BREAK ( optional noon lunch  as a group)
4 PM -6:30 PM Shooting session with Juan and Kirsten, or on your own: Independence Day Parade

Tuesday 17th

10 AM- 12 PM Critique and feedback  session with Juan 

LUNCH BREAK ( optional noon lunch as a group)

4 PM -6:30 PM: Shooting Session with Juan and Kirsten , or on your ownartisanal market Mercado San Juan de Dios

Wednesday 18th

10 MA - 12 PM : Final Critique session and discussion

( optional noon lunch as a group)

Afternoon FREE

7 PM Farewell Dinner at Quince Restaurant

Thursday 19th

Workshop ends after breakfast

GETTING TO SAN  MIGUEL: The best way is to fly to either the cities of Leon/Bajio ( BJX ) or Queretaro (QRO) and then take a taxi/transfer to San Miguel. Travel from Leon to SMA is approx 2hrs, and from Queretaro 1.5 hrs. 

Another option is to fly to Mexico City and then ride a bus/car transfer to San Miguel ( approx. 4hrs drive ). We can assist in making transfer arrangements to SMA from the airport. ( it's cheaper to travel as a group from the airport ). Shuttle ride to the hotel is available. the Uber is available at both airports and is a safe and cheap alternative that we have used in the past.


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