ONLINE  (Live)


 June 3rd - 24th, 2020

"Being on the road, traveling without a predetermined purpose, looking around me with visual curiosity and being surprised by what I encounter. While shooting, somehow, thinking is suspended. It is like playing a game with reality".





The aim of this four-week online street photography workshop is to guide participants through technical theoretical and aesthetic issues towards developing their unique photographic style. The methodology is based on editing.  The group meets once a week to get feedback and get assignments . Each week is spent photographing a theme, a person, either at home or maybe even an area, if available, depending on each student’s interests and circumstances during these times. The participants explore  and photograph what interests them,  and may choose locations according to local guidance on social distancing. 

Nikos Economopoulos might  have a portfolio review with each one of the participants on, or before, the first day meeting, as a way of introduction. This way, and also by discussing with you, he can have a better understanding of your interests and plan the workshop accordingly, so that you can have the maximum benefit. So in this way, other than the city itself and the local lives of the people, the focus is geared to whatever interests you.

In the first meetings, Nikos Economopoulos prefers to see the full material that you shoot and select from that. Later in the course, he will ask you to do the first editing yourself and proceed to select from your own selection and discuss it with the group. There is a practical orientation and in this way, the participants also benefit from one another.
The equipment that you would need is any digital camera a laptop and a USB flash.
 Basic skill in camera technique is required for this workshop. If you'd like, take a look at the photos and comments of past participants in this workshop , you can check the Participants' Work page on Nikos' Website and you'll get the best idea possible, apart from participating, as to what the workshops can offer.


Dates: Every Wednesday 12PM EST - 3PM EST , June 3- 24, 2020

Location: ONLINE ( via HD video )

Tuition Fee:  $795

Number of Students: 10 




 Fill out the registration form below to sign up. 


Cancellation:  If cancelled more than 90 days in advance:  Full refund.  

                            If cancelled between 90-60 days :  Full refund minus a $195 cancellation fee.
                            If cancelled between 60 and 45 days:  We will refund the  amount paid minus the deposit
                            If cancelled within 45 days :   No refund , but If we can fill your spot with another student from a waiting list we will                                            refund the amount paid minus the $195 cancellation fee.)

 Email Juan Reyes:  jjreyes@miamistreetphotographyfestival.org


Mgnum photographer Nikos Economopoulos was born in the Peloponnese, Greece. He studied law in Parma, Italy, and worked as a journalist. In 1988 he started photographing in Greece and Turkey, and eventually abandoned journalism in order to dedicate himself to photography. He joined Magnum in 1990, and his photographs started appearing in newspapers and magazines around the world. In the same period, he started traveling and photographing extensively around the Balkans. This won the "Mother Jones Award" (San Francisco, CA) for work in progress.


Upon the completion of his Balkans project in 1994, he became a full member of Magnum. His book "In The Balkans" was published in 1995 in New York (Abrams) and in Athens (Libro). 

In the 1990s, he started working on borders and crossings, photographing the inhabitants of the "Green Line" in Cyprus, the irregular migrants on the Greek-Albanian borderline, and the mass migration of ethnic Albanians fleeing Kosovo. In the mid-1990s, he started photographing the Roma and other minorities. In 2000 he completed a book project on the Aegean islands storytellers, commissioned by the University of the Aegean.


A retrospective of his work titled "Economopoulos, Photographer" was published in 2002, and later exhibited at the Benaki Museum, Athens. Subsequently, he returned to Turkey to pursue his long-term personal project on the country, where he received the Abdi Ipektsi award (2001), for peace and friendship between Greek and Turkish  people. 


He has recently turned to the use of color. Currently, he is spending most of his time away from Greece, traveling (mostly in S.America and Africa), teaching and photographing around the world, in the context of his long-term “On The Road” project.

Nikos Website

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Instagram @nikoseconomopoulos