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2019 MSPF






interCollective is interconnective - bringing photographers together


In 2016 we formed interCollective because of an affinity with each other’s work and the belief we would gel as a team. Our desire was to curate together, and so began @interCollective on Instagram. We wanted to showcase the work of excellent photographers in one place – partly for our own inspiration but also as a resource that others might be likewise inspired. Soon after we widened our scope and launched our website in 2017 as a platform which provides the space for more in-depth features, long-form storytelling, a place for our personal work as well as that of others.






SUZAN PEKTAS :  an İstanbul based independent photographer. She developed her passion for visual language during her college years and chose it as a profession. She explores various forms of expressions at the crossroad of visual art and documentary. Mostly focused on the existence of individuals and their personal environments, Suzan’s photography aims to capture unseen and untouched moments of solitude.  Her projects are primarily on women, urban transformation
and immigration.

İnstagram: @sznpkt

PAULUS PONIZAK: Paulus Ponizak, aka @iso.null30, is a staff photographer for a German publishing house and is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He is specialised in portraiture and editorial photography. One of his passions is to document life in public places. He has been doing this, since the onset of his career, when he was a photographer for the news agency, Associated Press (AP). At the beginning of the nineties, he had the unique opportunity to capture history in the making: the end of the Cold War, West, and East Germany reunited and also covered stories in countries like the Balkans or South Africa. 


Instagram: @iso.null30



I am an actress by profession currently living in Berlin, Germany. It all  started five years ago in Greece, the country where I come from. I discovered photography for myself as a mean of artistic expression and it became my new passion ever since then. Taking pictures provided me with the opportunity to follow the curiosity I have for people with the same fervency I feel when working as an actress. Acting and photography share mutual roots: curiosity and observation. For me, the street is a stage, where I can observe people and freeze a special moment with my camera. In these moments, I follow my instinct. Still, I learn through my way of exploring every day a little more about the seemingly endless possibilities of photographic expression that then flows into my work.





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