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The Miami Street Photography Festival showcases the best and largest 

street photography exhibit in the world.  The exhibits will be on display during Art Basel Week and throughout the month of December at HistoryMiami Museum.






​​The largest street photography exhibit in the world

Ninety selected Finalists from the Singles Photo competition will be on display.  All Ninety Finalists will also be exhibited at Street Photo Milano, in Milan Italy, next spring. The top three winners will be the recipients of the 2018 MSPF Awards and will be announced at the Awards ceremony Dec. 8th.  North Building.

​​Location: North Building


For the first time MSPF held an International Photo Series competition. The selected top three finalists, selected by a jury of world renowned phptographers will be on display.  The 1st place award will be announced Dec. 8th and the winner will then be exhibited at StreetPhoto Milano, in Milan Italy, next spring.

Location: North Building.



Also on display are the top three finalists of the Miami Photo Series competition, a contest that pays tribute to our host city of Miami.  The three selected series will be exhibited in large format at the museum’s courtyard. The winning series will be announced at the Awards ceremony on Dec. 8th.  

Location: Museum Courtyard.



© Rafael Guimaraes


© Gustavo Minas

Each year MSPF invites a street photography collective to showcase their work, this year we are proud to highlight FLANARES a street photography collective from Brazil. Their name is inspired by the flaneur concept firstly explored by Badelaire, the street life observer that transcends the eternal side of the ephemeral.  Walter Benjamin unfolded the concept to explain the modern life impact in our ability of imagination. The street photographer and the flaneur are equivalent; both are modern writers speaking through metaphors, suggesting the impossible with the same empathy used for the possible.  This collective is a reunion of Brazilian photographers who share this same interest, a strong relationship with this beyond-real possibility of photography. Selection curated by GuihermeTosetto.  

Street Photo Milano Winning Series Exhibition

Serra Maggiore by Mariano Silletti


© Mariano Silletti

On display is the winning series from the Italy Photo Series competition that the Miami Street Photography Festival organized with StreetPhoto Milano.  In this winning series, Mariano Silletti depicts- Serra Maggiore -one of the rural villages that was built thanks to the Agrarian Reform of the 1950s in the Montescaglioso countryside in Basilicata, southern Italy. The purpose of the Reform – to create a class of economically self-sufficient landowners - soon failed. The area was equally affected by massive emigration. Of the 100 families that lived in the village in the ‘50s, only six remain today. Serra Maggiore is a livable and natural space, probably destined to disappear, a parallel universe to be discovered and rediscovered in order to have a new and wider point of view on our coexistence.  


A Peculiar Paradise:  Florida Photographs
by Nathan Benn

© Nathan Benn

On assignment for National Geographic, Nathan Benn photographed across the State of Florida at the dawn of the 1980s a time made famous by Miami’s narcotics-related crime wave and influx of newcomers from the Caribbean. After nearly 40 years, Benn has revisited his Florida archives. A Peculiar Paradise exhibits nearly 100 photographs, as well as artifacts related to his 20-year career at National Geographic. His pictures feature, among other topics, Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, extreme affluence, nightlife, immigration, work cultures, tourist attractions, remarkable Floridians, Dundee’s 5th Street Gym, and the narcotics war. Come experience Benn’s images reflecting a dynamic and unique time in Florida’s history.

A former president of Magnum Photos, Nathan Benn was born and raised in Miami, and currently resides in Santa Fe, NM and New York City.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Power House Books will release a 200-page volume of Nathan Benn’s Florida photographs in November 2018.

LOCATION: South Building.

Satellite Exhibits
LA TEMPESTAD (The Tempest)
by Vladimir Marcano

©Vladimir Marcano


©Vladimir Marcano

Opening Sat, Dec 1- Jan 12

Miami Institute of Photography 119 NE 54th St., Miami, Fl 33137


Between April and August of 2017, Venezuela experienced an extraordinary popular insurrection. It was not the first time that civil society rebelled against Chavism but it was the first time that the disobedience had a character so massive, insistent and transversal to all sectors and social classes. Men, women, old people and children, workers and the middle class joined in a single common and tenacious force.   The youth and students soon became the soldiers at the forefront of the demonstrations facing the repressive forces with “shields” made of wood, plastic and metal. More than 130 lives were lost.


Vladimir Marcano collects the essence of this long battle of almost four months, which unites with images of previous protests that presaged what would come next. Ithe vulnerability of a youth that fights for a life worthy of being lived, among the tear gas, the bullets, the filthy water, the bullets coming from an out of control power. This photographic work is a tribute to those who lived those days of lead and pain. It is also a necessary document for the memory of events that undressed forever the true nature of a sinister regime that can no longer hide its infamous face. Miami Institute of Photography 119 NE 54th St., Miami, Fl 33137

by Maggie Steber

©Maggie Steber

​​​​​​​​​Opening Wednesday, Dec 5 7:30 PM
Leica Miami Store, Coral Gables


The Secret Garden of Lily LaPalma is an imaginative dream sequence produced by Steber for which she was awarded a Guggenheim Foundation Grant in 2017. The ongoing series documents Maggie’s subconscious and imagination in photographs captured by her alter-ego, Lily LaPalma. The exhibit includes more than twenty color photographs, each treated to reveal depth and mystery. The series not only reflects countless influences from Steber’s life dating back to her childhood, it also represents a complete reinvention of herself, departing sharply from the documentary aesthetic for which she is known.  

To learn more about the exhibit click here :

Photographs of Jazz & Blues Musicians
By David Spitzer
From the MDPLS Permanent Art Collection
Main Library Lobby
December 1 – 31, 2018

Live Lunch Time Jazz and Blues Performances & Talks!

Hosted by Carter Jackson-Brown from WDNA 88.9 FM’s Jazz Show BRAINVILLE

Wednesdays December 5, 12 and 19

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Main Library

This installation will feature David D. Spitzer’s black and white photographs from the two series Jazz and Blues Musicians from the library’s permanent art collection. For almost four decades Spitzer has combined his passion for music with photography, amassing an extensive photographic negative and print archive of Jazz and Blues Musicians. The photographs on exhibit capture the intensity and emotion of some of the most legendary jazz and blues musicians taken during their live performances between the early 1970’s through the early 1990s.

David Spitzer is a Miami-based photographer whose work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, books, periodicals, album covers and compact discs.

Click here to learn more about the exhibit.


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