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Publishing Your Book With Blurb - 1 Day Workshop



Learn how to publish your book using Lightroom and Blurb with

Professor of Graphic Design and world class photographer Rick McCawley.  


Very limited space, up to 6 students.  Reserve now!


Required supplies and equipment:

Laptop with Adobe CC Lightroom latest version installed

50-75 images you would like to turn into a book


Publishing Your Book w/Lightroom and Blurb

Selecting and Sequencing your images

1. Select and edit 50-75 images on a cohesive subject.

2. Create a storyboard sequence that includes close, medium and far images that

      alter the point of view but clearly link one image to the next.

Setting up your images for Lightroom ingestion

1. Use the Adobe Bridge to sequence the images, and batch rename them before importing to Lightroom.

2. Import into Lightroom, make last minute image adjustments including, exposure, toning,cropping and retouching.

3. Explore the book types and options on Blurb

4. Examine the sizes, paper types, prices and publishing options on

5. Make a selection of which options are right for your publication. Exploring the Book Module of Lightroom

6. Select the publishing options you feel fit this books publishing specs, including the title, cover options and typeface-choices.

7. Get familiar with the multi image layout choices of each page and starting dragging images into place.

Exercise 1

1. Use the provided images from the Iceland project to create your own version of the Iceland book.


Exercise 2

1. Selecting your own images design layout and publish your own book of images.


Explore book publishing Possibilities

1. Detailed examples of other ways to publish your photography book, like LuLu, MagCloud,

      Offset printing.


How to finance and promote your book idea

1. Kickstarter case studies and statistics will be provided.

2. Social Media promotion.

3. Patreon, Go Fund Me, projects.

4. Direct to Digital options, Like iBooks, eBooks, and web sites.



UP TO 6 students




Time and Locations:

Sunday, Dec. 10

10 am-5 pm


History Miami Museum

101 West Flagler St.

Miami, Fl 33130

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