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Cam Crosland

Cam Crosland is a self-taught photographer living near London, UK, who is best known for the flash photography series “Fishing With Dynamite”. Cam started out as a Modern History & Political Science graduate working as a software tester, trained in counselling for a year and then in 2010 photography came along.


Inspired by whatever life brings, Cam seeks to express the intensity and complexity of their own personal experience. In 2017 Cam began using off-camera flash, which allows them to shed light on things both metaphorically and literally but most of all it’s about energy. Cam has produced several publications, including three “Fishing With Dynamite” zines, two of which were finalists in the ISPF Book & Fanzine categories (2019 & 2020). Cam has shown work in the UK, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy and Cyprus, and spoken in a Spotlight session at Street London 2018.


Cam is a member of the international collective Full Frontal Flash.


Instagram : @cjcroslandstreet

Ximena Echague

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Ximena Echague is a Belgian-Argentine documentary, street photographer, jury and curator who has lived in Europe and New York for over thirty years, now based in Brussels.


Her journey has influenced how she reflects human dynamics, made of hopes fulfilled or shattered, with its drama and contradictions—the odyssey of human life.


Her work has been exhibited worldwide, published by BBC News, New York Times, Washington Post and many prestigious photography magazines. It was awarded in several international photo festivals and contests (Brussels, Paris, Miami, Italy, San Francisco, Tokyo). It is also in the ICP and Museum of the City of New York collection. She had a solo exhibition with her documentary project ‘’Odyssey, the human side of Migration” at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2018, the United Nations in New York in 2019, and more than 70 group exhibitions worldwide.

Instagram:              Web:


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Stan De Zoysa

Stan De Zoysa (b. 1980) was born in Sri Lanka and has been living in Barcelona since 2001.

A Logistics Engineer by profession Stan discovered street photography when he stumbled across the work of his father-in-law made in 1987 in Hungary.

His work could be described as colourful and subtle; however witty situations, visual riddles and his playful imagination often come to the fore. 

After his beginnings in street photography, Stan turned the lens inward working on a visual journal of his personal life, family, relationships and in search of his lost paternal family. 





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