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The Power Of Visual Language

Fulvio Bugani

This online street photography workshop includes:
• 3 weekly group classes
• 1 individual session with Fulvio

November 8-22, 2020


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The program consists of three group sessions on Sundays Nov 8, 15 and 22, 2020 at 10 AM (EDT)
One individual session ( scheduled individually in the second week of the program).
During the group classes to the participants will be given small assignments to complete at home individually. The work will be reviewed and evaluated during the individual sessions.

The initial session will be dedicated to an initial review and valuation of participants’ images (for this purpose each person should send in advance 3 to 5 pics).
The main focus of this session will be on the complexity of composition of a single frame:
• the decisive elements in a picture
• the vibrant energy of colors
• the importance of lines and shapes
• the creation of a sense of depth (third dimension)
• the power of light
• the interpretation of a scene

The second part of the course will face two other fundamental aspects of the photography language: the “narrative rules” (technical side) and the “communication and evocation of emotions and empathy” (artistic side). These aspects will be covered through the analysis of various authors (including Fulvio’s work) to explore the different narrative impact of different photographic genres such as:
• Street photography
• Documentary photography
• Environmental Portraits and Portraiture
• Photojournalism
• Staged Storytelling (fantasy)
• Conceptual Photography

The last session will be a final review and editing of participants' work .

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The Power Of Visual Language


Fulvio Bugani

Fulvio Bugani is an Italian independent photographer based in Bologna, Italy, and a Leica Akademie Master Photographer. He started working as a photographer in 1995. After a close collaboration with major photo studios of Bologna, he founded “Foto Image”, his own studio in 1999.
He actively collaborated with associations and NGOs, such as: MSF (Doctor Without Borders) and Amnesty International, for which he has realized reportages on social issues.

His work has been published in international magazines or websites like TIME, LFI – Leica Fotografie International, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Marie Claire, Cubadebate, and many more.

Along with other recognitions, he was awarded at the World Press Photo in 2015, and in 2016 his work about Cuba was among the 12 winners at the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Award. The same work on Cuba has received many other prizes such as: POYi 2019 & 2017; PDN Exposure Award 2018, MIFA 2018 & 2016, SIPA 2016 & 2018, Monochrome Award 2016, PX3 2018, IPA 2016 and a nomination for the Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship.

Since 2017 he has been one of the 3 Leica International Ambassadors for the Leica M10.




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