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Street Photography Workshop

Julia Coddington

This ONLINE workshop includes
-Three group classes
-One individual class

January 26 to February 9, 2021


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Group Classes on : January 26, Feb 2 and 9, 2021
Tuesdays at 7PM EST

Julia’s workshop will have a strong emphasis on strengthening the fundamentals of candid street photography. She will also focus on helping you find your own voice or style and on techniques for editing and sequencing your work. The workshop is aimed at photographers who have a good knowledge of the basics of photography and know how to operate their camera without assistance.

The workshop will:
• Reinforce the fundamentals of candid street photography, including composition, the importance of layering, how to build interesting content into images and how to effectively use light. We will also consider what makes a good street photo and look at examples.
• Explain the different styles and approaches used in street photography and consider ways to develop your own voice and way of seeing. We will look at examples of Julia’s work as well as the work of other street photographers.
• Teach you how to identify your best images (from amongst the thousands of images you take).
• Introduce storytelling techniques and show how a group of images can be developed into a more coherent and meaningful narrative. You will be shown examples of how this can be done and you will practice sequencing your own work.
• Stress the importance of working on ongoing projects. Julia will provide examples of her own work and the work of others and provide personalized guidance and suggestions about future directions of your work.

Each week you will be assigned a theme with the aim of creating work around that theme. Your images from the previous week will be reviewed at the start of each session. Julia encourages feedback from all participants.

Each participant will have a one-on-one review session of their portfolio and discuss ways of developing their individual style. These sessions will be scheduled at any time during the course.

This workshop is for : All Levels
Have questions? Email Juan Reyes @

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Street Photography Workshop


Julia Coddington

Julia Coddington is a street photographer from Australia whose distinctive photographic style and the way she sees have been influenced by the things that have shaped her as a human being and by the environments in which she works. Her images are sometimes clean and without clutter, and stand out for their colour, shapes and movement, while others are very complex, full and alive. Her images often play with perspective in a way designed to perplex the viewer. In locations like India she loves the challenge of capturing emotion and filling the frame.
Julia is committed to promoting the work and voices of female street photographers and is the co-founder of the Australian based Unexposed Collective, and an administrator of @womeninstreet, a growing international community of women street photographers. Julia is also a member of the Little Box Collective.
Julia’s work has been exhibited internationally and in Australia, she has been a finalist in various competitions and has been featured in street photography magazines and interviewed on photography podcasts. Julia teaches workshops internationally and in Australia. She has been a judge for festival competitions and curated several exhibitions, including 'Exposed' at the 2109 Head On Photography Festival in Sydney, 'Two Way Street' in San Francisco in 2019 and the 'Double Trouble' exhibition at Head On in Sydney in May and November 2020.



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