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A New Way Of Seeing

Stella Johnson

Online workshop includes
-Four weekly group classes
-One private mentoring session

August 2 - 23, 2020


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This photography class is designed for all levels of image-makers, and both smartphones or DSLR cameras are equally encouraged. Our goal will be to increase your visual and narrative capacities as we investigate life in this time of social distancing and isolation. Stella will help you photograph the visual cacophony of daily life around you wherever you are, by making dynamic compositions that explode with light, shadow, and color.

Compelling documentary work demands a photographer’s strong connection with his or her subject and to see our personal environments in a new way. In this class, Stella teaches students how to make that connection and develop a personal style of photographing. She works individually with photographers to help them determine and define their interests and ideas.

Each week is spent photographing a theme, a person, or maybe even an area, if available, depending on each student’s interests and circumstances during these times. Class will meet every week to critique the assignments of the participants. We learn by seeing each other’s work and participating in the conversations.

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A New Way Of Seeing


Stella Johnson

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